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Pen and ink sketch detail of the Arbour; 'RAS January 1971' A3 paper.

This drawing shows how old roof trusses, reclaimed by Robin from an fire damaged building, might be used to create an arbour for York Gate

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Pencil sketch for the Arbour on A3 paper, inscribed 'RAS 70'

Shows stone pillars, reclaimed timbers and design for floor.

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Sybil, in a wheelchair, with a woman, by an arbour in an unidentified garden. Flowerbeds with summer planting, paths and low walls

Sybil, in a wheelchair, and Brian Noble, visiting a garden with an arbour. Flowerbeds with summer planting, paths and low walls

Sybil with a group of visitors in the Pinetum, close to the Arbour

Sybil with a man walking towards the Arbour

Arbour with shrubs, York Gate Garden

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Arbour with trees in background
The Arbour lies between the Old Orchard and Pinetum, and was constructed from 2 wooden roof trusses which Robin obtained from a fire-damaged chapel in Armley. A local joiner mounted them on 4 pillars

Arbour in Frost, York Gate Garden

Arbour in Snow. York Gate Garden

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