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Pencil drawing on A3 paper of path from Garage entrance to side of house featuring the metal lantern. 'RAS 73/4'. YGA00965 is on the reverse

View from the Orchard towards the Summerhouse in the distance.

View towards and through the Nut Walk, a container beside a tree trunk in the foreground.
The Nut Walk was created in 1961, with 24 filberts forming an arch. It was later underplanted with giant snowdrops.

Irises planted on either side of a gravel path, later to become the Carpet Path

Iris borders on either side of the path, later to become the carpet path. Summer planting, and garages in the background

View down the Carpet Path, planted container in the foreground, Iris Borders on either side of the path, Folly and White Pump Head just visible in the background

View from the house down the path, with plant-covered garages and lantern on side

Sybil with a man walking towards the Arbour

View down Orchard Path towards white picket gate, with wheeled pram on lawn

White Garden with White and Silver Planting, Sundial and Millstones on Path
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