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Ink drawing of the Twist Column Sundial 'A fine spiral twist column sundial surmounted by globe dial'; pencil sketches of parts on front and back of paper.
Robin saw a similar sundial in London and asked a local stonemason to make a one based on his…

Robin standing by the tall sundial with four women, two standing and two seated holding cups and saucers

White Garden with White and Silver Planting, Sundial and Millstones on Path

The White Garden with Herbaceous Borders (colour and white), Sundial and millstones on path

An early picture of The White Garden with herbaceous borders, coloured on one side and white and silver on the other. Sundial and millstones on path. Later the coloured border was replaced by a second white and silver one.

The Tall Sundial in front of the Ha-Ha and meadow.
An opening was cut in the boundary hedge in 1968 and a Ha-Ha was created. The tall sundial was made for Robin by a local stonemason, based on one he had seen elsewhere.

The house showing new kitchen and upper storey windows with the Tall Sundial in foreground

The Tall Sundial with curved seat at the top of the alley

Robin by the Sundial

York Gate Alley looking towards the sundial.
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