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Herb Garden, Summerhouse at the rear with bonsai Imperial Jade on a table in front. Garden furniture and a woman with a newspaper seated to the right. Same day as YGA01725. Slide numbered 71

Very early Herb Garden - A small pond surrounded by a rockery set in a gravel area surrounded by herbs. Slide numbered 26. In 'York Gate 1965' Sybil says "This is a close-up of the planting in the middle, and shows what colour one can get into a very…

Early view of the herb garden looking towards the Old Orchard. Slide numbered 25

View through the herb garden from behind the Istrian Font towards the Summerhouse. Bonsai at the entrance, and table and chairs in front. Slide numbered 69

The Herb Garden in August 1966, before the Summer House was built, a wooden bench at the end of the path with beech hedge behind, yew hedges to the sides. Slide numbered 27

Very early view of Sybil at work in the second Herb Garden. Wooden bench where the Summerhouse now stands, very low beech and yew hedges and view over fields beyond. Kitchen garden with leeks on the right hand side. Slide numbered 24

Bonsai Imperial Jade on a plinth in the Herb Garden in front of the Summerhouse.

First page numbered 85 is a continuation of page 85a, listing herbs purchased for the first herb garden in 1954. Supplier, prices paid and intended locations within the garden are given. Next Page

Second page numbered 85, lists herb plants purchased in 1954 for the first herb garden. Supplier, prices paid and intended locations are given.Several photographs of this herb garden can be found in the Herb Garden Collection. Next Page

Sybil with a woman from a group by the Herb Garden
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