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Slide numbered 84. Taken on the same day as YGA01816, view from very open Dell through the Folly, towards the potting shed window. Irises on both sides of the path, dog (Dusky?) sitting in the Folly, Paeony bed planed with lupins.

Istrian Stone font, with plants, on a gravel path

View Towards the Summerhouse with the new fern border to the left, yew sails to the right, Istrian Font and Summerhouse in the distance. Slide numbered 68

View through the herb garden from behind the Istrian Font towards the Summerhouse. Bonsai at the entrance, and table and chairs in front. Slide numbered 69

Iris border before the Carpet Path was created, Istrian font in foreground, Folly in background, viewed from above

View from the fern border towards the Istrian Font (planted with a Yucca) with the Summerhouse beyond

View from the Orchard towards the Summerhouse in the distance.

Fern Border to the left of a gravel path with Istrian Font and Summerhouse in the distance

Gravel Path, with Fern Border against a wall on the left, Istrian Font in background

View in Summer, through Folly up path towards the Istrian Font, York Gate House behind
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