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A variety of summer plants around a stone container in the Paved Garden, with Yew Sails in the background

View across much of the garden from the Pinetum. A conifer bed in the foreground, Pine Pavement with clipped hollies, and espalier cedar on canal wall. Canal Garden with summer planting behind the wall, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, Herb Garden topiary…

Iris borders on either side of the path, later to become the carpet path. Summer planting, and garages in the background

View down the Carpet Path, planted container in the foreground, Iris Borders on either side of the path, Folly and White Pump Head just visible in the background

View from the top of the shed, across the Paved Garden and front lawn, towards the garages and driveway

Paved Garden in summer, with fern design seat in background

View from top lawn into the Paved Garden towards white fern design furniture

Sybil, in a wheelchair, with a woman, by an arbour in an unidentified garden. Flowerbeds with summer planting, paths and low walls

Sybil, in a wheelchair, and Brian Noble, visiting a garden with an arbour. Flowerbeds with summer planting, paths and low walls

Sybil on a mobility scooter in the original Sybil's Garden with a man behind her.

Following Sybil's death the decision was taken to re-design Sybil's Garden.
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