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A wooden wheelbarrow standing on levelled ground, potting shed to the left, kitchen garden beyond, slide numbered 75.When describing this slide in her talk "Story of York Gate 1970" Sybil says "In the Spring of 1969 Robin drew out plans for rehousing…

The Shed close up, potting shed with circular window to the left, entrance to barrow shed to the right. Slide numbered 76

Bottom of the Pinetum, including the Pine Pavement and canal wall. Canal Garden, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, hazel trellis, topiary and hedges beyond

View across much of the garden from the Pinetum. A conifer bed in the foreground, Pine Pavement with clipped hollies, and espalier cedar on canal wall. Canal Garden with summer planting behind the wall, Yew Sails, Potting Shed, Herb Garden topiary…

Compost Bays and Potting Shed with clipped box in pot.
In 1969, the Shed and Compost area was redesigned and constructed according to Robin's plans. Sybil's Potting Shed was given a makeover.

Potting Shed with hanging tools, York Gate Garden

Potting Shed with view through round window, York Gate Garden

Carpet Path with flower borders looking from the Folly towards the Potting shed.
The Carpet Path with its distinctive diamond pattern, was laid from the Herb Garden down to the Folly in 1980.

Three framed collages on Potting Shed wall. View through to the Istrian Font
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