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Orchard with spring bulbs, a flowering tree at the end of the pond, mother's tomb seat beyond, gravel path at the left leading to a small white gate, slide numbered 13

24 newly planted filberts on either side of the path, with bamboo canes for support and training.White gate at the end of the path with field beyond. Slide numbered 37

Early picture of Sybil looking at a peat garden, at the end of the Old Orchard, in front of the small white gate with the duck run beyond. Slide numbered 86

Driveway with Yew Buns, looking towards the Orchard, Jardiniere, copper beech hedge and white gate visible amongst trees

View from the Orchard towards the Summerhouse in the distance.

Robin and Sybil with Scruff, walking through the bottom of the Pinetum towards the white gate, Open Day 1979

The Orchard, looking along the wall towards a white gate (now wrought iron gate) Garden storage prior to building of greenhouse on the left.
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