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View over the paeony bed, with spring flowers, towards the Folly, very open Dell beyond. Slide numbered 82

Very wide-angled view from in front of the Folly towards the house. Canal to the left, Peony bed next to it, Iris borders planted with spring flowers on both sides of the path to the right, (same time as YGA01811?),

A view along the gravel path (later the carpet path) towards the house. Tulips and pansies on both sides of the path. A fence with trained trees on the right hand side. Copper planters in the foreground

The Dell in spring with young trees, stone paths and beds with spring flowers, a fence at the boundary. Slide numbered 33

The Arbour viewed from the Old Orchard with spring flowering trees and shrubs

Paeony bed planted with spring bulbs, Dog (Dusky?) standing on the path to the right. Slide numbered 65

Narcissus Peeping Tom

Long view through the Paved Garden towards the greenhouse, spring bulbs

View of the Paeony Bed in springtime. Yew sails beyond and original Fern Border to the left
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