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Polesden Lacey, house, lawn, and gravel driveway edged by yew buns

First page numbered 13 lists plants purchased in 1966 and 1967. Suppliers are given but largely not prices.The first item, 8 Golden Yews, would appear to be those which became the Yew Buns which edge the driveway. Next Page

Driveway with Yew Buns, looking towards the Orchard, Jardiniere, copper beech hedge and white gate visible amongst trees

View from the Drive, on a snowy day, towards the Orchard with Yew Buns in the foreground

York Gate House from the gate with Sybil and a woman just visible by the Maze, taken on a visit by Leeds Photographic Society 21.07.1979

The Maze looking out on to Front Garden
The Pavement Maze, based on the turf maze at Hilton (inspired in turn, by a floor at Chartres Cathedral) was laid in the driveway by Robin in 1978, its purpose was, in part, to break up the large expanse of…

Maze and Driveway taken from the front lawn
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